Three Electric Bike Frame Styles

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Three Electric Bike Frame Styles

5 February 2021
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When you begin the process of shopping for an electric bike, it's important to check out a few different models so that you can evaluate their comfort, features, and more. Something to notice when you assess various bikes is what style of frame they each have. There are several different frame styles that you'll find when you look at a number of electric bikes, and one style may stand out as being the best choice for you. Here are three frame styles that you'll commonly notice when you shop for an electric bike.

Step-Through Frame

A step-through frame is a popular design because of its many advantages. This term describes an electric bike frame in which there is no top bar. As this term suggests, this style of frame is easy to step through when you're getting on and off the bike. There are lots of reasons that you might favor a step-through frame. If you expect that you'll occasionally ride your bike while wearing a dress or a skirt, which may be the case during commutes, the lack of a top bar will not get in the way of your garment. Additionally, if you want to work as a courier with your bike, the step-through design will make it easier for you to get on and off your bike quickly.

Step-Over Frame

You'll also notice electric bikes that have step-over frames. This is a design in which there's a top bar that runs essentially from the base of the handlebars to the seat post. To get on and off an electric bike with a step-over frame, you'll need to swing your leg high to ensure that it clears the bar. While some people may find this action difficult, it won't be an issue if you have long legs or if you grew up riding a bike with a similar frame design.

Folding Frame

Another type of electric bike frame that you'll find when you shop is a folding frame. There are all sorts of bikes that have this type of frame, which is desirable for its ability to fold down. People often favor folding electric bikes if they have minimal storage space in their homes. Some folding models are smaller than their non-folding counterparts, which may be ideal if you have a small stature. A salesperson at your local bike shop can point out models with each of these frames and discuss them with you.

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