Buying The Right 223 Ammo For Your Needs

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Buying The Right 223 Ammo For Your Needs

26 January 2023
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When you are in the market for some specific ammunition, getting one well-suited to your needs is essential. 223 ammo is often used in small game hunting and target shooting, but has other uses as well, and comes in many different styles from varying manufacturers. 

The Caliber

223 Remington ammunition has been around since the fifties when it was used for military weapons. However, the round has evolved over the years and is now common in rifles and a few handguns used for small game hunting and target or competition shooting. 223 ammo is available from many manufacturers and has some practical uses that make it effective and affordable. 

The ammunition has not changed much over the years. However, there are derivative ammunitions that came from the development of the round. The 5.56 found in military applications is similar in many ways to modern 223 ammo, but the two do not interchange in most situations, so it is vital that you get the correct caliber for your firearm. 

Target Shooting

Low-cost 223 ammo exists that is well suited to shooting midrange targets on the range or in competition with firearms like the AR15 platform or some handguns designed for the ammunition. For shooters that are looking for sports or competitive shooting scenarios, this can be an excellent starting point. 

The 223 ammo comes in many configurations, including semi-jacketed and full metal jacket options. There are also hunting rounds that include hollow points that you can use on the range but are a little more expensive and commonly reserved for field use. Some firing ranges limit the type of ammunition used, so if you intend to take your 223 ammo and rifle to the range, check with them to see if there are restrictions you should be aware of.

Hunting Rounds

The 223 Remington caliber is powerful enough to hunt small deer and game and is often used in rifles with optics installed that allows the hunter to place their shots precisely for the best effect. 223 ammo that is high quality and intended for hunting will often be a semi-jacketed hollow point configuration to ensure the best energy transfer to the target, but many hunters limit the caliber to small game.

If you are planning to use 223 ammo for white-tail deer or a game in that range, you may want to look for aggressive hybrid ammo, and there are several options available on the market. The cost of the ammunition is a little higher than standard ammo, but using a 223-chambered rifle that is lightweight and easy to carry all day can make spending a little more on your ammo worth it. 

These firearms make excellent survival and camp rifles, but ensuring the ammunition you are using is effective is essential.