Will Training Weights Help Your Batting Skill?

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Will Training Weights Help Your Batting Skill?

28 September 2018
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You love baseball or softball, but you're intimidated when it comes to batting. You can't seem to hit the ball far enough to meet your desired skill and you have to use a lighter bat as a result. Whether you want to improve your batting abilities for your own personal growth or you hope to make the team proud, you want to improve your skills but you don't know how.

Baseball hitting training weights can make a difference in how you hit the ball. Will this type of training work for you? Learn how you can use batting weights to your advantage and learn how to hit the ball with greater confidence.

Weights teach balance

Part of hitting the ball perfectly every time is knowing how to balance the bat in your hands. The weights you train with help you do just this and give you greater control over the bat and the ball being launched at you. Explore different bat weights and lengths as you work with weights of varying sizes until you find a fit that works best for your needs.

Weights increase strength

You need arm and shoulder strength in order to put more power into your swing. Weights add just a bit more resistance to your bat to make your muscles strain harder to hit the ball. With repeated practice, your muscles become conditioned to give you a more powerful swing, which will help you when it comes to playing on the field.

When you first start using bat weights, start with as low of a weight as you can stand. Starting with a weight that is too heavy can do more harm than good, causing a shoulder or other muscle injury. As your weight resistance increases, you can increase the poundage in the weights you use.

Weights increase confidence

When you train hard and correctly, your batting strength and accuracy improves. When your batting improves, your overall confidence in the sport begins to soar. Challenge yourself with batting training weights to help you hit more accurately and with greater skill, and you'll see your overall baseball or softball skills increase as well.

The key to using batting weights for training is to be consistent. Make sure a portion of your daily training is devoted to weights. Always train under the watchful eye of your coach or other sport professional. Take breaks when you need to, stay focused, and you'll see your skills improve.