Beyond Shore Fishing: What You Need For Your Next Trip

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Beyond Shore Fishing: What You Need For Your Next Trip

6 December 2017
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For many fishermen, it can get boring to only fish from shore. They might feel the need to get out in the water and hit the deeper currents. Be it fly fishing in a river and being better suited to catch deep parts of the river, or if it's the ability to get out into the middle of a lake and catch fish that don't come near the shore. The problem with doing this is that you need to be equipped and if you are not, you really won't be able to do anything the next time you head out fishing. So, if you are looking to expand the terrain you can cover when you go fishing, then here is some gear you will need to get:


If you're just looking to get out a bit deeper into the river or stream, then the first thing you need to get is a good pair of waders. These will let you walk out into waist deep water. This provides you with much more flexibility when you are fishing. There might be a limited amount of land to walk on at your river; perhaps it's too rocky, or there is too much brush near the shoreline. With a good pair of waders, you can walk out and cast your line out into the water and be set. Also, make sure that you have some waterproof boots at your disposal.

Small, Watertight Tackle Box

If you are going to take a watercraft out (such as a kayak or canoe), then you will want a tackle box that is watertight. This will protect you in the event that the boat tips and you're box falls into the water. A watertight box won't let your flys and lures spill out and sink to the bottom of the lake or river. The best type of gearbox will be so airtight that it will float. This will allow you to get your gear back.

A Fishing Kayak

The other thing that you might want to get is a really good fishing kayak. This will help you get deep out into the water, past where waders would allow. This is particularly great for large rivers and lakes. You can also cover much more area. The best thing to get is a kayak that is particularly designed for fishing. This will allow you to stand up in the kayak, which is something that is incredibly important for fishing and which normal kayak won't allow you. A regular kayak, not a fishing one, will flip if you stand up, whereas a good fishing kayak will let you stand and cast off your fishing line.  

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