Preparing For Your Whitetail Hunt

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Preparing For Your Whitetail Hunt

29 August 2017
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Going on a guided whitetail hunt can be one of the best hunting experiences that you ever experience. In order to have a great time you should do a lot of research on the different outfitters that you can choose from. Once you have decided which outfitter to use, you can take a few other actions that will personally affect your experience hunting whitetails. Here are a few very simple actions that you can take that will drastically improve your experience hunting whitetail in the field:


The equipment that you use in the field is one of the most important factors in hunting. It can be a very good experience going to the sporting good store and picking out new gear. The problem is that many people do this a few days before the hunt, but this is a mistake. You only want to take top quality gear into the field, but you only want to take top quality gear that has been field tested. If you are going to buy new gear, buy the gear a month in advance a break it in. You want to know the limits of your gear and feel extremely comfortable in the gear. 

Hunting Shape

Depending where you will be hunting whitetail, you will want to be in decent shape. It is possible that you are hunting out of a blind and will not be walking much, but you may also be hunting the rolling hills of Kansas and need to walk a great deal. It is much easier to enjoy your hunting trip when you are in good shape and not gasping for breath. You do not need to be a marathon runner to enjoy the hunting trip, but consider going hiking a few times a week prior to the hunting trip. 


As a hunter, whether shooting a rifle or a bow, you need to be an extremely good shot. There is nothing worse than shooting at a deer and injuring the animal, and not harvesting. This is a sickening feeling and can most of the time be avoided. When you are preparing for your hunt take your firearm or bow and practice. You should practice in every type of weather condition and at almost every distance. You want to know for sure that if you pull the trigger or release that string that you will harvest the deer with a clean shot. 

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