Three Handguns That You May Wish To Add To Your Collection

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Three Handguns That You May Wish To Add To Your Collection

24 August 2017
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If you're thinking about buying some handguns, you'll quickly come to the realization that there are many options to consider. You might think about buying one handgun to use in a variety of applications. This approach can sometimes work, but it's generally not the best idea. In a sense, it would be like buying one type of vehicle in which to tow a trailer, drive quickly, and carry a family on vacation — in other words, you'd ideally want three vehicles for these three applications. The same holds true for handgun ownership, so think about these three handguns that you may wish to add to your collection.

Compact Pistol

A compact pistol is small in size and comes with a small magazine, meaning that it will only carry a few rounds. You wouldn't likely want a compact pistol for applications such as shooting at the gun range for fun, but this type of firearm is optimal if you plan to carry it concealed. When you're looking for a weapon to carry when you're in public, a compact pistol is ideal. Its small size means that you can carry it in a holster strapped to your body without it being noticeable, or you can slip it into your purse and not have it take up all the space.


A revolver may seem a little outdated when compared with a semi-automatic, but don't discount the revolver's value in certain applications. This firearm is especially valuable for home defense. Revolvers have a high degree of reliability; whereas semi-automatic pistols can potentially jam, rendering them ineffective, this is unlikely to be the case with a revolver. Additionally, a smaller round capacity generally won't be a concern with home defense, as you'd be unlikely to need to fire more than a revolver's capacity of six or eight rounds, if you have to discharge the weapon at all.

Target Pistol

Although you should always take all of your firearms to the shooting range to practice with them, you may be tempted to visit the range as a pastime, too. In this scenario, a target pistol will give you lots of enjoyment. Something with a small caliber, such as a .22 pistol, will allow you to shoot lots of rounds without excessively spending money on ammunition. And, the longer barrel length of a target pistol is conducive to hitting targets at the range that are farther away.

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