Three Ways To Make Your Graduation Party The Hit Of The Summer

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Three Ways To Make Your Graduation Party The Hit Of The Summer

15 August 2017
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In the summer months, most people attend numerous graduation parties for their friends and loved ones. Most of these aren't that memorable -- you probably forget what you did at them a few months down the road. So, when you're planning your own graduation party, consider doing something that will make it the hit of the summer and an event nobody will ever forget. Here are a few ideas to get your started.

Host a Volleyball Tournament

Volleyball is a common pastime at graduation parties since it's a sport that can be played with basic equipment -- just a net and a ball. Instead of just letting guests play randomly, consider hosting an all-out volleyball tournament as a part of your graduation celebration. Have guests split into teams of two, and create a tournament bracket to face them off against each other.

Since a tournament can be a big endeavor, especially if you have a large party, consider setting up several volleyball courts so you can play two or three games at once. Ask friends to bring nets if they have them, or buy volleyball nets online. Make sure you also buy a prize for the winner of your volleyball tournament. Tickets for an upcoming concert or a basket of snacks work well.

Have a Cook-Off

Do you like to cook? Do you have a few friends who like to cook? Consider transforming your graduation party into a cook-off. You can pick a certain item, like ribs or burgers, and allow each cook to make their own version. Put them in pans labeled 1, 2, 3, etc so that nobody knows who made which version. Then, have all of your guests vote as to whose dish is the best. Once again, give the winner a prize.

Pay a Band To Play Live Music

If you do not feel like organizing either of the more structured activities above, here's another way to make the party memorable: hire a band. Look for a local band with a good reputation so you can guarantee some of your guests have wanted to see them. Have them set up a stage and perform for a few hours at the party. Bonus points if they will take requests! Everyone will remember your party as the one with live music, rather than Pandora and all of its ads playing in the background. You can even pair this idea with a cook-off or volleyball tournament for an even more memorable event.